Interview: Black River Sinners

Country music is finally being appreciated here in the UK with the likes of The Shires flying the flag and C2C becoming a big date in the musical calendar. Thanks to all this love, bands like Black River Sinners have a platform to perform the music they love. This summer you will be able to see these guys play at Godney Gathering as well as venues across Somerset, but for now, get to know who they are and have a listen to their debut EP, ‘You Lied’
You guys are heading to Godney Gathering this Summer. Are you excited? What should we expect from your set? 
We’re incredibly excited! We’ve been playing gigs for just over a year now but the reception we’ve had has been so amazing, we feel very lucky to be have been invited to play Godney this year. Expect a fun filled, energetic performance of some honest, loud country music!
Any chance of a group shot of the Godney deck chair?
Yes, without a doubt!
Which one of you is going to end up stuck in the porta loo after a few too many ciders? 
Hopefully none of us! At least, not until after our set. If we were going to pick any of us then I guess it would be Bill, he goes a funny shade of red after a few sherberts.
For those who don’t know you yet can you introduce yourselves?
We’re a group of friends who share a love of country music and performing. Some of us have been playing together for nearly 10 years, so we’re very tight knit. We love to put on a fun, energetic show and let people experience the best of what country music has to offer for anybody who might not have listened to much of it before!
What events do you have coming up before Godney? 
We’re playing a few great festivals in the summer, Home Farm Festival in Chilthorne Domer being one of them. We’re also at Party by the Parrett this year in Kingsbury Episcopi!
‘You Lied’ is a fantastic Ep. What was involved in bringing it together?
The lyrics were written by the girls Flic & Grace fairly early on in the life of the band. Most of the EP was written before the band really took shape with Bill, and later Larry, working on the music and the songs took their final form. They were written before Cal and Ash joined the band so we feel like now we have so much more to offer, with their input and musical styles!
Any crazy stories you can share with us about your time in the studio? 
Honestly, the whole experience was super chilled! For Flic and Grace it was their first time in the studio so it was a learning experience for them as well. No crazy stories I’m afraid, just a lot of tea!
Country music seems to be making a big come back in the UK. Which artists would you say encouraged you to play Country music?
It varies for each member I would say! We’ve each discovered country music in our own way. For Larry, Cal and Ash it was artists like Tim McGraw, Jake Owen and Brad Paisley. For the girls it was a mutual love of Lennon and Maisey Stella who appeared in the TV show Nashville. Bill is a huge Steve Earle fan, he’s the real Country rock guy in the band. The Shires, Ashley McBryde, Kacey Musgraves, Pistol Annies and Midland are also big inspirations for us now with our songwriting. There’s too much to choose from!
We’d just like to say that we absolutely love that country music is growing stronger and stronger in the UK. There are so many incredible musicians and songwriters in the genre. People tend to view country music as a bit cheesy and cringey, but everybody who’s seen us live has said the same thing; “I don’t like country music, but I love you guys!”. Well, we play country music! If you’ve never listened to it before, give it a try! You might end up finding your new favourite band or singer.
And lastly … top 5 reasons to check you out at Godney. 
1. Cowboy Hats
2. Cowboy Boots
3. Great, catchy songs
4. Tight, rich vocal harmonies
5. A boot scootin’ good time!

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