INTERVIEW: Amber Chapman


There is very little that local musical legend Amber Chapman can’t do. She can MC, she can play guitar, play violin and sing, she can also make us laugh. After spending the week helping to set up Godney Gathering last year it was time for her to take to the stage this year to show us what she’s got. 

First up, what is it like being Godney Gathering’s office monkey?

 Although I may appear to be sweet, I’m an office monkey with attitude and absolutely love getting involved with everyone and the whole festival.

Last year you were helping to set up the event. What is it like to be coming back this Summer as a performer?

After seeing all the hard work and dedication which is put into the festival from the team behind the scenes, I am honoured to be able to play this year! It will definitely be different on the stage but I cannot wait to put an amazing show on for you all!

What is going to make you stand out from the other performers on your stage?

I think my upbeat style combined with catchy melodies catches people’s eye.. I’ve got a lot of new material to test out which I hope to get a good response from!

We have all decided that you are far too talented so you need to drop a skill haha, which one would you get rid of if you had to?

I don’t think I could drop anything! All my genres whether it’s playing Violin in an orchestra, mcing at 5am in a club in Bristol or spending my mornings doing some charity busking, I absolutely love it all equally and continue to develop all my genres to the best of my ability as an all rounded musician.

Are you going to get the chance to MC in anyone’s set in the silent disco?

Hmmmm, maybe… Connor C (the headlining DJ) I’ve performed with before and is a good friend of mine so you never know! I will just have to try and persuade him first!

Apart from performing, what is your favourite part of being involved in a micro festival like Godney?

I think my favourite part is the lead up to the festival, all the banter between the crew and learning about how the festival is set up and being able to help doing that. It’s such a valuable experience to me and cannot wait to get stuck in this year.


Do you think you could create a Godney Gathering rap?

I think it might have to be done! It may include a lot of inside jokes with the crew… Maybe even one from you Georgie! Let’s just hope it’s not too windy this year haha.

Who would you really like to collaborate with?

I would absolutely looveee to collaborate with some live bands. From coming to The Godney Gathering now for a couple years alongside a number amazing festivals, I’ve managed to see my fair share of live bands such as Dr Meaker, Gentleman’s Dub Club and Dub Pistols, so I think if I could ever collab with any of them it would be a dream!

If you could describe yourself as a Disney character, who would you be?

I think I would be Ariel, I’m very determined in my passion but am also very outgoing and always doing something! Not to mention that she is sassy and has lush hair!

What are the top 5 things you must have at a festival?

Glitter, because who doesn’t want to be walking around like a sparkling goddess

Your dancing feet, there is for sure going to a lot of dancing…

The mandatory item, loo roll.. Because it gets stinky!

Sunnies/Suncream/Ponchos, be prepared for eventualities… you never know!

Your phone, and don’t lose it! It is an essential item when you wander off to see a band you want to see and then somehow manage to lose your mates, AGAIN!!


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