INTERVIEW: 3 Daft Monkeys

With little over two months to go before Godney Gathering 2019, it is time to introduce you to another fantastic act who will be part of the Somerset based all day event! I recently caught up with 3 Daft Monkeys to find out what is most likely to get them in to trouble, what to expect from their set and their thoughts on Mr Blobby getting to number one. 

You seem to have a busy festival season coming up! How are you preparing for it? 

We are dragging all the camping gear out of the sheds, updating the satnav, finding both boots and flipflops for every weather possibility, praying we can still get over to Europe with out any brexshit fuss and deciding on our set list for the summer…. 

Apart from performing, what is the best part of touring festival season? 

Meeting all our festival mates and getting to see some new bands and performers  

What do you think you will most likely get in to trouble for doing? 

Laughing at and questioning figures of authority  

 You will be heading to Godney Gathering this summer. Will you get to partake in the cider drinking ritual? 

Unfortunately I have a severe apple allergy so cider is off the menu, I do try to make up for it with a few strong ales   

Why do you think these independent festivals like Godney Gathering are important?  

They give local acts and some more off the wall acts a chance to play, and it’s good for the area economically as the shops are ransacked for food and drink 

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of watching you live yet. Which songs would you suggest to listen to before people head to Godney Gathering? 

We’ve got a few video’s up on You Tube or we have our whole back catalogue on our website , check them out, our music is quite varied so there will be something you will love x 


If you could pick any bizarre location in all the world to perform at, where would it be?  

In a glass igloo under the northern lights 

What do you find hardest about being in the industry?  

Mr Blobby got to number 1 in the charts, and the endless social media  

If 3 of you are daft monkeys, what does that make the other person? 

Daft, we can’t count 

Top 5 festival essentials?  

Toasted sandwich maker that goes on a gas ring  

Eco biodegradable glitter 

                                                                                               Funky cool head gear

                                                                                                    Hot water bottle

                                                                                                             Hip flask 



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