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You all know I have a strong passion for these ladies. They are insanely talented and their live shows are something you need to make sure you witness. IDestroy are heading to Farm Fest at the end of the month, I was lucky enough to catch lead Singer/ Guitarist Bec Jevon quickly amongst a rather heavy schedule where we talk touring, The Red Paintings and Disney Characters.


It has been a rollercoaster year for you getting to the finals of ‘A Shot at Discovery’ and supporting ‘The Red Paintings’, what have been your highlights so far?


The highlight for me has been playing our first tour of Germany. We played 12 shows in total, which has led to us returning for some festivals in August.


Did you get to spend any time with Trash McSweeney? He is quite the character.


We certainly did, he was very welcoming to us. The Red Painting’s set was great. We had a good chat with Trash at the end about radio pluggers and veganism.


When I saw you in Bristol you were selling these cool little mirrors. Where did that idea come from? Do you design your own merch?


I think we’ve run out of the mirrors now unfortunately! We have this lovely fan called Ditch – he works in a school and makes all this cool stuff for us to sell. Which is where the mirrors came from. 


Many would assume that having three ladies work together could be quite difficult. How do you maintain a healthy relationship? How do you overcome any issues?


Haha! We’re all very good friends and have known each other for a few years now so we have pretty solid relationships. If I’m annoyed I can guarantee it won’t be because of Becky or Jenn… it’ll be a patronising sound man or sexist chump (Most people are very lovely though!!). 


You have just come back from Europe, other than performing, what else did you get up to? What was it like performing to a crowd who speak very little of your own language?


We had one day off when we were in Munich. I persuaded the girls it’d be great idea to get a train to Austria and take a cable car up a mountain. It was 100% worth it!

Other than performing, we spent a lot of time in the car sleeping! We clocked at least 3000 miles by the time we’d got home. 

I rarely give complicated speeches on stage and I found most people spoke English, so the language barrier wasn’t an issue for me.



How do you approach Festivals compared to your own shows? Are they completely different sets?


We approach every show pretty much the same, whether it’s a small club show or a bigger festival. It’s obviously great to play festivals where we’ve got lots of room to run around the stage and climb on things but I like the intimate shows just as much.


There has been quite a lot of chitter/chatter about how awesome you ladies are. Do you pay much attention to what people say? What has the feedback been like for 98%?


It’s a great feeling when people appreciate what we do. “98%” has gone down amazingly with the fans, which I’m really pleased about, as it’s my favourite track we’ve put out so far. 



What are the beginnings of IDestroy? How did it all begin? 


I wrote a bunch of songs and asked Becky and Jenn if they fancied jamming them. It clicked really well so we decided to form the band!


When you are at Farm Fest will you get a chance to catch any other acts? Will you be partaking in the cider drinking ritual?


I’m sure we’ll get to check out some of the other acts. It’s a really cool line up, we’re excited to play it. 
Becky & Jenn will certainly be partaking in every cider drinking activity possible. I personally don’t like cider though…


If you could describe each of your on stage personalities as a Disney character, who would you be? 


Hmm Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse & Mike Wazowski.



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