INTERVIEW: Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs


Hobo Jones & The Junkyards are heading to Watchet Festival in less than two weeks time, a weekend which will no doubt bless us with sunshine, good vibes and some great beer. But before any of that can happen, I had to find out what we can expect from their set, what is important to them and why they teamed up with those rascals in The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican. 

 First up, who gave you the title of world’s oldest and ugliest boyband?
That’s a typo. It should read “Boldest and Snuggliest.”  On account of our award for bravely cuddling Angry Honey Badgers and Crocodiles.

You will be heading to Watchet Festival in August, what is it like to be playing along side some of your friends?
It’s brilliant. We love Watchet because it really is like a meeting of friends. Like a scout jamboree for the lunatic fringe. It’s also great to be playing for our friends too. We have made some good friendships from the many people  who support live music and festivals up and down the country.

How important is something like Watchet Festival to the music scene?
 Vital. Without festivals like Watchet, who will take a risk on an unknown band just because they’ve seen them and like them,  I’m pretty sure the festival scene would not be as diverse as it is.

What have been some of your special moments at festivals over the years?
So many: Jumpin’ Arand with The Doonicans on Watchet’s main stage a few years ago with everyone from the Sweetchunks Band to one of the Levellers to Something Else Tea Tent crew to Ghosts of Men in disco ball hats. Opening a bottle of Champagne we won in a busking competition only a few years later on the Avalon stage at Glastonbury. Every time we get on stage and see that people have bothered to come out and see us. Without them it’d just be us three arsing around to an empty tent. We’d still do it obviously but, it wouldn’t be the same.

For those who are attending Watchet Festival but haven’t heard you guys play before, how would you describe yourselves?
Three blokes playing a skiffle/punk crossover (Skunk Rock) on broken bits of wood. Two have beards, one has dreadlocks. All three have more audacity than they should have. They don’t always have the correct trousers on.

You will be teaming up with The Bar Steward Sons next year for a no doubt cracking show. How did this show come about?
Scott Doonican made this happen. We all said, many times, we should do a gig together on the same night. We all said it would be fun. We all said that was something that really should happen. Scott was the only one organised enough to make it happen. He’s very efficient.

Musicians in the folk/punk scene seem to be quite close with all performing or touring with each other at some point. Is there anyone you haven’t performed with yet that you’d really like to?
Wino would like to tour with Kylie. He likes the idea of following her all round the country without getting an injunction again.
Bill would like to perform with anyone who doesn’t steal his socks or put crows in his pockets.
Hobo Jones would like to perform with anyone who has a really massive rider

If you were offered the chance to film a biopic about the journey of Hobo Jones & The Junkyard Dogs. What do you think would happen in the film?
You’re parents wouldn’t let you watch it.

What has been the most embarrassing moment for you on stage?
This is quite a hard question. We don’t embarrass very easily.

Top 5 items you can’t tour without?
Stamina, humour, a venue, an audience and Britain’s intricate system of service stations.


Watchet Festival has sold out but tickets may become available on Twickets … or you should of gotten in sooner 😉 



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