Godney Gathering: Camping – All You Need To know.


Thanks to the lovely people at Garslade Farm, Godney Gathering is offering the opportunity to camp for this year’s event. Day to day the site is an organic live stock farm run by Mike & Bridget Gooden, with a long running family history and a passion for their livelihood. If you haven’t already booked then it is best you get in touch now here. 


With Godney Gathering fast approaching and event organisers get even busier ensuring you have a fantastic day, we have some vital information you will need if you are planning to camp at this year’s event. Please keep in mind that the site is still a working farm therefore please check this information for your burning questions before attempting to contact them. 


  • No dogs
  • The campsite is about 200yards from the festival, on the same farm.
  • No Chinese lanterns or open fires.
  • BBQ’s are fine, as long as in a contained unit.
  • All electric hook ups are booked up.
  • There are no hair drying facilities.
  • Only two showers available, which I am sure we can all agree is perfectly fine. Most of us spend 3 days at a Festival without one. 
  • Yes, you can camp with your friends, but first on site must reserve space for others in party.
  • Caravans and vans will be in one field, tents in another.
  • You can put a tent in the caravan/van field, but you can’t put a caravan/van in the tent field.
  • There will be a large drop off area. 
  • Cars must be parked in a separate field (away from tents) for health and safety reasons. 
  • Please have your money ready when arriving on site, this saves a lot of time. 


If this doesn’t answer any of your questions then it is best to get in touch now rather than the days leading up to Godney Gathering. 


Happy Camping! 


Please Note: Camping isn’t run by Godney Gathering itself, it is owned and run by the amazing hosts Bridget & Mike. All questions and queries must be directed to them. 



    • Jason on July 4, 2018 at 4:43 PM
    • Reply

    Hi there me and mates want camp at this year Festival and we wondering if we have book on line for spot or can we just pay on the site at the camping area can please get back to asap thanks jay bateman

  1. If you email the site they will book you in then you pay when you get there.

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