Glastonbury Calling Countdown

Believe it or not there are only four weeks until Glastonbury Calling 2019, I know absolute madness, I feel like I am still recovering from the last one. Anyway the time is almost here and the whole team are rather excited to be sharing with you all their hard work over the past year. Yet again the team have knocked it out the park in terms of line up with the likes of Square One, Miss Kill and iDestroy making an appearance. 

Tickets are available online at or you can pop in to one of  three outlets in the area …. The Venue in Wells, Insane Games in Street or Glastonbury Information Centre. They are at a bargain price so there are no excuses! 

There really is no better way to spend your Saturday than enjoying a diverse range of music in some of Glastonbury’s fine establishments, you also really don’t know what you might discover. Music is about exploring, experimenting and sharing, this is exactly what the team are doing. There really is all kinds to suit all tastes. So make sure you head to this fantastic all day event in February. I guarantee you are in for a real treat. 




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