Glastonbury Calling 2019

Glastonbury Calling 2019 is now only less than 4 weeks away. This is a local event not to be missed. I am really looking forward to it. This is a local event with different venues in Glastonbury playing original music & showcasing local talent & musicians. I had my first Glastonbury Calling last year & really enjoyed it. I got to watch some great music from lots of different acts. We even had Ryan Webb come from London to play. I was also given the opportunity to photograph some of this great event. You can find a few of my photos from last years event on the new Glastonbury Calling website.

Glastonbury Calling is in its 4th year & shaping up to be an incredible experience. This time it’s a 2 day event. Friday evening & all day Saturday. The Friday is a dj night at the Bocabar in Glastonbury with Ibiza legend Brandon Block headlining. I am really looking forward to this as not only do I get to photograph a legend. I get to photograph & have my first experience of a club night as my favourite music genres are dance/electronica & dj anthems. Some of the acts that are performing on the Saturday I have seen before. I even photographed them too.

There is some real talent here & here’s my list of who I would like to watch at this years event & photograph & ones I hope to catch if I can. Phoxjaw I saw last year & thought they were cool in the style of Iron Maiden. Shoto Daito who really impressed me at their King Arthur gig with their electronica vibe & sounds accompanied by the powerful vocals of Liam Howard. Most high on my list is iDestroy an all female high energy rock trio who are in my mind exceptionally brilliant. I had the chance to see their set at Godney Gathering last year & was instantly impressed. Miss Kill is another duo to keep your eye on.  Also getting to see Maaike Siegerest at the Hawthorns. She won the GFM songwriting final last year.

Lastly a big thank you to Georgie for her help & encouragement. An even bigger thank you to Ian & Karen Liversidge for letting me be a part of the Glastonbury Calling team.



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