GFM and When?

First up I would like to thank everyone  who has supported and encouraged me to take on the all mighty challenge of being a presenter at GFM. I have had the honour of guest presenting on Ian Liversidge’s show many times now and I want to give him some peace, so here we are, my own show on GFM! 

So more info … 

Well I shall be hosting the Sunday morning breakfast show, every week from 10am until 12pm. Expect music, banter and special guests. The first few are pre recorded because I am new but once I have those out of the way the real fun can begin! You know me, I like playing games so I shall be incorporating this in to the show as well as having local guests from all walks of life. If you have  an event coming up you want to talk about  or you are involved in a project then make sure you get in touch! 

This won’t be a purely music show but I will feature local acts as well as mixing it up with some classics. Probably Paul Young and Abba … obviously. In all seriousness I want to mix it up, I want it to be it’s own show, I don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes and most importantly … I want you guys to enjoy it! 

GFM obviously isn’t just my show, there are loads of others you should be tuning in to. Ian Liversidge on Thursday night, Jem smith on Wednesday evening, to name a couple. It really is a fantastic blend of awesome people. 

So here it goes … first show is Sunday 3rd at 10am until 12pm. You can listen on 107,1 or online at

One last thing … big ups to Joanne for having great patience in teaching me how to use the desk. To Chris Beck and Liam Howard for making my jingles and  for Ian Liversidge for taking me under his wing. Thank you. 




    • Clive on February 1, 2019 at 2:03 AM
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    The box of text above this comment box needs some internal margins – the text touches the edges.
    Good choice getting Georgie on the team though – she’s awesome.
    My eyes are offended, but my ears are heading your way!

    1. You offering? 😉

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