Festival Fever


I will cut to the chase, not getting a Glastonbury Festival ticket isn’t the end of the world. Fact. These last few years have been a real eye opener in terms of the festival circuit. I have attended and had myself a wonderful time at a handful of independent festivals across Somerset with next year set to get even busier. The likes of Glastonbury Calling, Farm Festival, Watchet Festival and Godney Gathering to name but a few have provided me with some of the best memories without breaking the bank to do so. I have also met some wonderful people who I am sure I will see again next year. The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican, The Leylines, iDestroy and many more make up just the small amount of artists who rocked it, making me laugh, smile and cry all in equal amounts of happiness and joy. Now I am not going to sit here and suggest Glastonbury Festival wouldn’t be a good time, I am sure it’s a wonderful week of partying and musical madness but I want to tell you a bit about all the other wonderful events you can attend next year if you missed out on a ticket. 



Sitting strongly on my radar are the likes of Amplified Festival, Beautiful Days, Watchet, Glastonbury Calling and of course Godney Gathering but there are plenty of others to look out for which have something for everyone and won’t cost you an absolute fortune to attend. What I love in particular about these festivals are the passion to find up and coming artists, emerging talent and the care they take in ensuring the punters have a cracking time. It takes a minimal amount of time to walk to your tent, the people are friendly and the music is incredible. You really will make some wonderful discoveries. In fact Amplified Festival in particular, who have recently released their line up, are one of the ultimate independent Festivals with a whole host of up and coming bands, organised Gary Paterson is extremely passionate about offering this platform. he is a grafter for his Festival as well as all the other small teams involved in putting on events like these. 



I have been told relentless that the focus of my career should be Glastonbury Festival, it will be the highlight of my career and that is when I know I will have made it. But that simply isn’t me. Like I stated earlier, I’m not actually here to diss the Festival it just simply isn’t the direction I wish to take. I,  along with my wonder partner Paige are here routing for the underdog, the DIY bands, the people who need that extra bit of support. We are here to be the voice for those who haven’t been given the opportunity yet. This year we have seen so many rising stars locally, MirrorGrinn and Last One Home are two bands in particular who have had an incredible year, we are proud of them and hope to see them rise even more next year. But to see that rise, to see where they started and where they are going, that is what makes us happy, that is what we are here for. 



So if you missed out on a Glastonbury ticket then why not check out all these other fantastic Festivals out there on offer. I promise you will find friends for life whilst also finding music you’d never expect. Just do it. 


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