Rock Against Cancer is heading our way again this September with an absolutely cracking line up. Part of that line up are Doomicidal … yes I have had to check four times if I have spelt it correctly … anyway, I decided I needed to know more about them. Needless to say their amp will need to be checked before they head out on stage and I am anticipating a lot of fun from these guys. Now to the interesting bit … 


Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with me! How is your summer going so far? How is the search for a new drummer going?

Roger: You’re welcome, Georgie! Our summer is going fine so far, we played Hollowfest in Bristol recently and of course we have The Rock Against Cancer gig in September and before that, Heavyfest in Bridgwater. The search for a new drummer is ongoing and we think there may be an announcement soon.


How does the search affect your plans for a full-length album, is that still in the works?

Migo: It’s still in the pipeline, it WILL happen.

Roger: Yeah, Migo and I know all our parts to the songs, we’ll just have to get the new drummer up to speed. Luckily we’re not tied to any deadline.


You’ll be playing at this year’s Rock Against Cancer as well as a warm up show. How did you become a part of this? How important is it for bands to come together and support things like this?

I saw an ad for it in a Facebook group and messaged Max who is organising the gigs. We’ve played gigs for a few charities in the past but the ones involving the cancer charities are personal for us.


Who most concerns you when they get on stage? Who is most likely to do themselves some damage and you not be at all surprised about it?

Dave: That was difficult to answer until the last gig where Roger had his amp upside down!

Roger: Yeah, I did do that. It was ok until I went to turn the volume up and because it was upside down, the volume went down.

Migo: Me, I’m a clumsy bastard!


Can we be expecting carnage from your set or do you display a calm demeanor?

Dave: Things are normally pretty laid back. Carnage and doom are not bed fellows.

Roger: A circle pit at one of our gigs would be a bunch of people shuffling around with pints of beer.

Migo: The second one barring technical hitches.


What are your pre-stage rituals? Or do you just go for it?

Dave: Having a beer.

Migo: Just practical stuff like putting new batteries in all the peds and what have you.

Roger: I have one pint of beer and watch the other bands unless we’re on first.



Looking past September, what are your plans? What is the future of Doomicidal?

Migo: Get more gigs and get that full length album recorded.

Roger: Definitely getting more gigs, definitely recording the full length album and writing more songs.


The music industry is a hard place to be. What motives you to keep making music?

Migo: It’s what we like doing. As Lemmy once said “It’s not a career, it’s the best hobby in the world”. Any profit is simply a bonus

Dave: Not thinking of it as an industry. I just enjoy doing what I do and if it makes money it’s a bonus.


Unlimited funds … what would you have as a music video? Who would star in it?

Migo:  An epic video for Colossus!

Dave: Film it on the moon, the stars will star.

Roger: Colossus would be the one, the scenery alone would wreck the budget!


If Doomicidal were a creature, what would it be? How would I represent your band?

Dave: Baldrick.

Migo: Something large, lumbering and with a mythological twist.

Roger: Given that  Doomicidal has been around for 4 years and only brought out 1 three – track EP, I’d say a sloth.


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