Distance and Focus


This week I am going to talk about distance & focus while you are taking a photo. To start off with you need to choose the right lens for what you are wanting to photograph. You then work out what kind of shots & angles you want to achieve. The way I do this is by looking around me to see what shots I want to get then frame up the photo by measuring distance by eye. If I need a long distance shot & depending on what lens I am using then I will move into a position where I am able to achieve my goal. You can then focus your framed shot & it should then get that desired effect that you wanted.



Photography is not all about just pointing the camera randomly & just clicking away. It’s also a lot to do with preparation work. You work out the type of image you want & choose the right camera equipment that will help you then research the best positions & ways to get the beautiful finished photograph. I have been practicing with distance shots long & short since I received my new longer lens & have found the results to be very good & interesting. On Friday I went to Burrow Mump & a new nature reserve near Langport & this is where my idea for this weeks topic came as I was using a lot of distances & focus angles to get my photos.



Being a photographer & having the opportunities to photograph many different locales gives you a different perspective & appreciation of our surroundings. Until next time you can keep checking out my photos on my Facebook & Instagram pages. Type in Stuart Williamson Photography or you can follow me on Twitter s_w_photograph

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