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Nov 09 2018

Approaching Autumn

  As you all can tell the leaves are changing colour & falling off the trees. It’s getting colder, this is the time of year where the weather varies. A good time to revisit past photographic locations to see what they look like in different seasons & compare your photos taken with previous visits. I …

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Oct 30 2018

Pedal To The Metal

  This past week has been very busy for me. I have been able to put my 50mm lens to extensive testing & usage. It has proven to be a worthy addition to my photography kit. This lens I mainly use for my music photography & occasionally for my landscape work but I have different …

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Oct 04 2018

Music Expo 2018

  This week has been very busy. First was my weekly visit to the Grow Room at the King Arthur in Glastonbury. This time performing were Craig & Alex Priddice. They also asked me to take some photos of them & their set. This was to promote their newly released EP Stones. I like the …

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Sep 11 2018

Rocking Out The Summer

  I have had a couple of weeks off but they have been very busy. There is lots to talk about. Firstly summer 2018 has been very hot & sunny & the weather has been excellent for taking photos of Somerset’s wonderful landscapes & getting the perfect photos at just the right moment. I have …

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Aug 30 2018

Somerset: A Photographer’s Paradise

  As you know apart from my music photography my main body of work is landscapes. I have traveled around Somerset visiting various nature reserves, beaches & woodland areas. Each time I visit one there is always something new or different that I haven’t seen before. I also visit ancient architecture such as Glastonbury Abbey, …

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Aug 17 2018

Smartphones VS Professional Cameras: The Debate Rages On

  Over the past couple of years I have progressed from using my iPhone cameras to a proper DSLR camera like the ones that professional photographers use. I still use my phone for quick shots or if I don’t have my camera with me. I started taking photos with my old iPhone 3GS many years …

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Aug 10 2018

Music & Me

  I have always loved listening to music. Back when you only had cassette players or Walkman’s, I was always with a pair of headphones. I used to play keyboard a little back when I was younger but stopped when I got older. When I first started taking my photography seriously I had no idea …

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Jul 31 2018

Godney Gathering 2018

  This year was my first visit to The Godney Gathering, a popular annual event in Somerset & my first ever big music festival experience. It’s a great layout of stages & stalls. There were around 50 acts during the festival which totalled 10 hours. I found it easy to navigate the site. I spent …

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Jul 19 2018

Godney Gathering: A Preview

  So far in the past 12 months of me becoming an active photographer in our thriving local music scene has seen me taking photos at several big events around Street & Glastonbury. Namely Rock Against Cancer 2017, Glastonbury Calling 2018 & the GFM Songwriting Final. Now I have been given the opportunity to take …

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Jul 12 2018

Sunday Sessions

  Starting last year began what is now known as the Daniels Breakfast Club run by Georgie Robbins & Paige Thurgood at Daniels Cafe in Wells. This is held once a month on a Sunday morning. Usually the first Sunday. They organise for either one or 2 local acts to come along & perform some …

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