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Festival Fever

  I will cut to the chase, not getting a Glastonbury Festival ticket isn’t the end of the world. Fact. These last few years have been a real eye opener in terms of the festival circuit. I have attended and had myself a wonderful time at a handful of independent festivals across Somerset with next …

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Dear Watchet Festival, You Ruined Me.

  No bank holiday weekend is complete without a wonderful array of music and frolicks, this year it was provided by the glorious Watchet Festival. As virgin Watchet goers we were unsure what to expect but with our friend Bob Gallie and local country darlings Square One playing, tickets were purchased without hesitation. Over the …

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New Music 10/8/18

  It is Friday the 10th of August, three massive names in the local music scene have dropped new music and I am sat here in absolute awe of all the wonderful new music to my ears.   First up is Craig and Alex Priddice. It is safe to say I have been pestering them …

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The Summer of Music Has Begun

  The festival season is now upon us but in Glastonbury it has been a musical time for me again. With a wide variety of music to watch. Our music scene is already thriving with existing talent from all genres. I have also seen some up & coming pretty good young musicians who you will …

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FBLIVE: Forgive & Forget

FBLIVE: Liam Howard

The Glastonbury Grow Room pt.2

    It has been a few months now since I first spoke about the brand new event gracing the Glastonbury music scene … The Grow Room. Back then it had only been a few weeks in, people were finding their feet, working it all out, now here we are approaching week 25 with a …

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Let’s Make It Personal

      Over the past couple of years I have managed to delve deep in to the underbelly of the Glastonbury music scene. Now this may shock you but there is more to it than that large Festival down the road. Yes. It’s magic and before you tell me I am being dramatic, I dare …

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FBLIVE: Restless Youth

FBLIVE: Duncan Batey