According To Watchet . . . Football Is Coming Home

So let’s talk about last night, Lightning Seeds! What a night of absolute glory. The question on everyone’s lips . . . will they sing it, will they bow down to the pressure to play a sing which has gotten us through countless world cups. THAT SONG I have heard sung loudly in my own pub. THREE LIONS! 

They flew through their hits, they had us living the life of riley, they had us travel down a road of nostalgia and happy times, then the finish! Will they do it?  

Yes they did and we soaked it right up. There wasn’t a single person in the crowd who didn’t sing along to every word, praying that one day we could sing it in glory rather than commiserating that we still are no where near to winning the world cup!  

Lightning Seeds proved they still have what it takes to command a crowd. Whether it is to do with the anthems they have in their back catalogue or their ‘I don’t give two f**ks’ attitude, there was something about them which made me feel bloody happy. 

Obviously there is more to them than THAT song but it really does put the cherry on top of a fantastic cake. Yeah I said it. 



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