A Winter’s Paradise


This week has been very busy & the warmer weather has started to arrive. I took the chance to practice my macro & portrait photos at the Snowdrop Weekend at Forde Abbey. They came out amazingly better than I expected considering the bad weather. I used a combination of landscape, portrait, close up & sport modes because portrait gives you a nice frame & blurs the background while focusing on your projected subject. Close up doesn’t really need explaining. The reason I used sport was because of the weather conditions such as wind & to get some running waterfall shots. Having a computer with proper photo editing software is not only essential but very helpful in getting your images the way you want them to look & not false.

I photographed Jacob & Drinkwater the other week. A superb act who I really enjoyed & who also interjected some comedy in between songs. My thanks to Rob Talbot, Mary Bateman & Jacob & Drinkwater. This weekend sees the long awaited return of Glastonbury Calling. Check out my special blog on the event at georgiethejourno.uk.

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