A Penny for the Arts?

I will get straight to it, the ARTS are greatly under appreciated and underfunded. I was once asked how we get more women to perform at events and festivals, we often blame the organisers or promoters but actually is there a deeper rooted issue. We seem to be trying to solve an issue at adult level when maybe we should shift the focus to the ground level.  We shouldn’t be taking music and art out of schools, we should be doing more to encourage that kind of creativity. It can certainly go a long way to enriching a young person’s life. It doesn’t mean they have to take it up as a career, but having it as a form of escapism and release can make a big difference. That kid who can’t find their place in the world or struggles to communicate, that kid who finds the hustle and bustle of school life too much. It all matters, but it is slowly being taken away. The arts needs to be put back in to schools properly and taken seriously. 

The arts always seems to be perceived as the easy option. The route we take when we can’t fix ourselves to something academic. This is where part of the problem lies. Society isn’t taking music, art, anything creative seriously. I want this to end now. Over the years, it has become more and more apparent how much we rely on the creative aspect of life in order to get through our day. Even just simple things, like not being able to work without music on or drawing when you are stressed, it is something we shouldn’t be taking for granted. 

I have also been thinking lately about how important music and art is in terms of the healing process. Mental Health is certainly in the spotlight right now, which is where it should be, but what some don’t realise is that creative based activities can go along way to long term healing.  Being able to let go of pain but channeling it into writing, art or movement. It becomes the thing which holds a person together. Why would you want to take that away from someone? I have spoken to so many musicians over the years who stated that music saved them, I have known people who engage in creative writing because it helps them understand the thoughts and feelings that have. I also know someone who has found that being able to get out and about to take photographs at events, has given them a lot more confidence and something to focus on. It’s form of expression that we should be encouraging, not taking away. People are so quick to find short term solutions, but never really look at the things which can have a long term positive effect. 

I can’t forget the importance of art in later life too. Whether it is someone living with dementia, or simply living in sheltered accommodation, music, dance, it gives them a new lease of life. It helps them to remember things they may have forgotten, re live memories they cherished or make them feel like they aren’t alone.  

The arts are the biggest healer and the best friend you will ever have. I have made many friends being involved in music, I have become part of a team of people who are awesome and I have had some of my best times at festivals or events with these people. Music to me is everything. This is why I will do my best to support the arts, find ways to make it more accessible and do my best to promote where I can. We might even save a life. 






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