5 Powerful Songs You Need To Hear


5 Powerful Songs You Need To Hear

Over the years of being a passionate music consumer there have been a select few special songs that have made me step back and think for while and really digest the message and sentiment of the song all within the first listen. Here is 5 powerful songs you NEED to hear baby.

Janelle Monae – Django Jane

This song made me say “you got this, the world is in safe hands”

Janelle shows you in this song that she is a woman and is just as skilled, important and powerful as any male is. She doesn’t need a man to help her “I got it all covered”. She is really telling you straight that it’s time for the women to speak now. Not only is the verse skillfully written but she really showcases girl power and I love it, men have been speaking forever in Hip Hop especially and she is not only holding her own but cementing a legendary space in the genre with this song in my opinion.


Ghetts – Black Rose

From the very start of the song when Ghetts’ daughter says “why is there no dolls that look like me in the shop?” you know that this song is going to be addressing some powerful subjects and it does that with a beautiful and skillful way of writing. In the song Ghetts vents his frustration with black men not showing love to black women, not him saying you can’t have a preference but him saying he  is sick of seeing black women demonized He also addresses his struggle with his roots in the lyric “really I’m from Africa but I don’t know my Country”. He is showcasing the struggles black women go through and he does it so beautifully.


Kendrick Lamar – I

This song was a huge hit when it came out but the message is simple yet one we don’t hear enough in music, a message of love. The song sees Kendrick saying how messed up the world is, how much hate there is and just accepting it. The world isn’t perfect but you can still love yourself in such a crazy world, just reading the comments shows how powerful this song was for some people. The love and energy of the song rubs off on you. P.S: the whole To Pimp A Butterfly album is fantastic so take a listen.


Kanye West – Only One 

Now you can say what you want about Kanye but his music is some of the most amazing music I have ever had the pleasure of hearing yet that isn’t why this song is here, the singing isn’t perfect and that’s perfect for this song. Kanye’s name means Only One and this song is him singing from his dead mother’s perspective. When you understand the song it becomes beautiful instantly, he sounds emotional, broken and incomplete without his mother yet also feels a level of comfort from thinking of what she’d say to him now.



This is just an interlude but a powerful one to me. It is one side of his personality talking to the other which as someone who suffers with mental health problems it spoke to me massively and is the most powerful interludes I have heard in my entire life.


This list will be the first of many and I look forward to sharing more with you.



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