The Creative Partnership


It may begin with a single idea or dream but over time we realise it takes a team to reach those goals. I have spent many years writing on my own, following bands, researching, stalking and generally trying to spread my support but now it is time to pull together a creative team of misfits like me. 


We can offer a wide range of services to support your dreams from photography, videography, press releases, event planning … this list goes on. This is a new era for Georgie The Journo, we are now a creative partnership and we are here to support local artists and musicians. 




This is Paige, my right hand woman. Without her the team just wouldn’t exist. She is a creative fruit and is involved in many different aspects including videography and design. 



I would like to introduce to you my dear friend Stuart Williamson who will be blogging and posting his favourite photograph each week. So make sure you check in on Monday’s to see her awesome work! 





Country music is my weakness, I am so pleased I have a local Country band to admire. Check out their new video now, it’s Square One. 


Different Lenses and The Differences Between Them.

If you are a regular follower of my blog then you will remember that I said in the future that I would talk about camera lenses & the difference between some of them. This week is my piece on lenses.   You will notice that you can get small, medium & large lenses of various …

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Glastonbury Calling 2018

  Glastonbury Calling 2018 is fast approaching with a whole host of talented musicians ready and waiting to put on one of the best all day events you will find in the area. Months of careful planning, scheming and regular chinwags down the local boozer has all been for this exciting day. Starting from mid …

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