Welcome To The Family

Georgiethejourno.uk is expanding, it’s becoming a network. Like minded people are coming together to build a strong community, to create opportunities and to nourish those who don’t otherwise get the opportunities of the big City.  When I first started writing about music, I knew very little, I found myself defined by a genre and targeting a market already over filled with support. Gradually over time I opened my eyes to another world, one brimming with talent and appeal. You can’t force it in to a box, you can’t define it by a genre, you embrace it for what is it, unique. Over the past couple of years I have joined forces with some great people, people who wish to push and pull apart boundaries, take risks and be a beacon of hope for those who can’t be it for themselves. They have even encouraged me to fight for my own dreams.
Now here we are, a growing team. WE aren’t just any normal site, we are the hope for others. We work together, side by side, and we will do whatever we can to create chances, to offer opportunities, and shout from the rooftops how bloody amazing our community is.

Photo Credit: Marc Hughes Photography

We haven’t fully finished developing yet, it will take some time so please be patient, but for now there is still plenty for you to check out. If you want to be involved, have an idea or wish to work with us then don’t hesitate to get in touch! 
Introducing : 
Paige Thurgood – A creative soul who helps to promote music, assists with event planning and is a general helpful person. She is a very good poster designer as well as having the ability to make merchandise. She is my right hand woman (As is most likely in charge 😉 ) 
Stuart Williamson – An up and coming photographer who is always eager to support and promote musicians where ever possible. He is always looking to develop his skills and is open to most opportunities. 


Max James – A local promoter who specialises in the heavier side of music. He runs the fantastic Rock Against Cancer events. Max will be reviewing shows for us under the title ‘Mad Max Reviews’.  



Zaranis – A local rapper who writes his own music who uses his own experiences as an influence for his music. He will be talking about his musical discoveries. 


Rob Talbot – Runs ‘Live From The Living Room’ events and promotions. He puts on shows all across Somerset and often hosts them in his own living room. 

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Amplified Festival – Ones To Watch

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