Hello and Welcome!

Well well well, what can I say! The support I have had in recent months has been overwhelming! This site will continue to grow as I work out how to use it properly haha. 
Anyway thank you for being there, reading and supporting my work. It isn’t just me you are getting behind, it’s the artists I write about. They deserve your eyes and ears. The Somerset music scene is rich with talent, we must celebrate it. 

I will do my very best to promote and help nurture talent, and attend your event! Get in touch! georgie.e.robbins@googlemail.com





 This is Letter to Society. Exciting things to come from these boys. Trust me, I have had a preview 🙂 



  A new era, a new album and a shorter barnet, it’s part two of Toploader. The much more content and happy version of an already incredible band. They soared through the charts with their first album ‘Onka’s Big Monka’, took a few twists and turns along the way but now in 2017 they are …

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Turner UK

  Turner UK have certainly done the rounds this year having made their way round the festival circuit, supported Crazy Town and released their debut EP. They will be playing at Rock Against Cancer this Saturday which will be one of the last chances to catch them before they take a well deserved break. Please …

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