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What began as a little ole blog for me to write my ramblings about the local music scene has turned in to something much bigger and beyond my wildest dreams. It has become a collective of like minded people who are passionate about music, who want to help support a thriving scene and offer a diverse range of services. We can do anything from writing press releases, content writing, general event coverage or even bring the Live With Georgie The Journo set up to your event. Just get in touch if you want to know more or would like us at your event. 
At the heart of it all is a love we want to share, a desire to make new discoveries and give that helping hand where we can.  Over the years we have attended various events such as Godney Gathering, Glastonbury Calling and Farm Festival where we have offered coverage before and across the event. We are a team, a collective and we love what we do. We look forward to the events ahead and hope we can help in some way. 




Last week Somerset based metallers Dremora released their brand new video for Hell’s Temptation. Tonight they play at The Cobblestone’s in Bridgwater as part of the Metal 2 The Masses along with Doomicidal, Athelas and Concrete Donkey with the hope of securing a slot at this summer’s Bloodstock Festival.  Make sure you check out their …

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INTERVIEW: Cosmic Ninja

Returning to Godney Gathering for a second year running  as well as releasing a brand new EP in May, there seems to be no stopping Bristol based electro rockers Cosmic Ninja. Over the past couple of years they have built a solid fan base here in the South West which is no doubt going to …

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Taking Over The Venue

This weekend was another great gig but this time was a night out with my friends rather than being the photographer. The band we went to see were called Imprints. I first saw them at the Music Expo last year. They were amazing, rocking the stage with their electric vibe & uplifting sounds. They had …

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INTERVIEW: Marcus Osborne (On The House)

On The House, a fantastic platform for musicians to get their music reviewed and heard by industry folk. It’s creator Marcus Osborne is a busy guy with the platform venturing in to band management and his own band doing well so I thought I would grab a chat with him whilst I still can! So  …

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